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Finistère - Brittany - France

The Company

  • In 1667 construction of a mill took place on the current site, at Pont L’Abbé, which was dependant on the Kerlot abbey of Quimper
  • In 1933 the mill was purchased by the LARNICOL family
  • In 1958 ownership of the Moulin de L’Ecluse mill passed to the Le Rhun family when Mademoiselle LARNICOL married into the Le RHUN family.
  • 1989 saw the creation of the limited liability company named Emile Le RHUN, as a stockholders' equity company.


For over three generations the Le RHUN family has perpetuated the great tradition of Breton flour-milling. If buckwheat belongs to the tradition of the Breton taste heritage, then “the bigoudenes” Sarrazin flour (Trade Mark) has existed for forty five years and represents the leading product of the Moulin de l’Ecluse Mill. The complexity of flour-milling lies in the control and the transformation of the raw material. The Le Rhun family dedicates their knowledge and experience to provide reassurance of the consistent quality of the flours they produce.

Moulin de l'écluse : photo de l'extérieur du moulin Moulin de l'écluse : le camion

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